16th July 2011

Anthem Of PraiseRichard Smallwood
Surely The Lord Is In This PlaceAnon(arr. Tina Brooks)
Welcome In This PlaceN Brown, H Francis, M Beswick
Yonder Come DaySpiritual(arr. Tina Brooks)
Lord Help Me To Hold OutJames Cleveland(arr. Tina Brooks)
We Are Marching Over to JerusalemSouth African Folksong
I Love The LordRichard Smallwood
Voices Of HopeT Brooks, C Boldeau
Lord I Lift Your NameR Founds
Your Love Is AmazingB Brown, B Doerksen
Magnificent And HolyIsrael Haughton
As The DeerM Nystrom(arr. Karen Gibson)
Even MePublic, Elizabeth Codner(arr. Tina Brooks)
DanielSpiritual(arr. Tina Brooks)
God Is Standing ByJ Taylor (arr. Mahlon Rhamie, Tina Brooks)
Total PraiseRichard Smallwood