9th June 2012 - St. Mary's Church, Saffron Walden

High and LIfted UpBrooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Everybody Clap Your HandsP Gray Jr
God Is HereMartha Munizzi/Karen Clark-Sheard
Trading My SorrowD Evans
Speak To MeRuth Waldron, S Roberts et al
Great Day (Jubilee Fanfare)Spiritual(arr. Tina Brooks)
This Is The DayFred Hammond
Sing Praises To The KingCarol Cymbala
Even MePublic, Elizabeth Codner(arr. Tina Brooks)
Lord Help Me To Hold OutJames Cleveland(arr. Tina Brooks)
DanielSpiritual(arr. Tina Brooks)
God Is Standing ByJ Taylor (arr. Mahlon Rhamie, Tina Brooks)
Surely The Lord Is In This PlaceAnon(arr. Tina Brooks)
Total Praise (alternate Amens)Richard Smallwood